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Welcome to our site!
The R&R Hair and Body is located in the city of Gödöllo, within easy reach to everyone wishing to get prettier and rejuvenated.
The Szent Imre Ház provides nice atmosphere as well as easily accessible parking for our guests. We focused on perfectionism when designing the interior fittings, with our ultimate goal being an unmatched professional standard, comfort and harmony. State-of-the-art beauty equipments complete the experience we provide in our air-conditioned salon.
Our team endeavours to help you to relax, look better and refresh yourself during the few hours you spend here.
Step into the world of R&R Hair and Body and let us show you the way to the harmony of body, mind and soul.

Our services include:
Hairdressing, Cosmetics, Makeup tattoo, Massage, Manicure-Pedicure!

Ladies and gentlemen are both welcome at the R&R Hair and Body
R&R Haj és Test
Gödöllő, Szent Imre u. 10/A


Open time: Monday - Friday: 8-20 H ; Saturday : 8-13 H ; Sunday: closed ©, Minden jog fenntartva